Sunday Morning

Our Sunday morning at First Baptist Church is designed to be a place for children of all ages to learn about God in an enjoyable and profitable way. We provide a structure for learning geared to teaching children on their level.

Bible Study is at 9:45 AM
Worship Service is at 10:55 AM

Infants and Toddlers

We begin with our babies to lay a foundation of love and safety at the church. Our goals include providing your child with the physical care and spiritual training that will build within him the right concept about the Church, God and Jesus. They also begin their early exposure to the Bible, Jesus, and basic Bible truths taught through Bible stories, Bible phrases, and interaction with others.

3 Year olds –5 Year olds

The foundation begun as toddlers is added to with not only Bible stories but Bible phrases to memorize.

Our nursery provides care for children birth to kindergarten and is available for both Sunday School and the Worship Service.

1st to 6th Grade

Our grade school students learn through the Gospel Project curriculum how Christ is central to all of the Bible as they work through the Bible in chronological order.