Our Vision Statement

“Our mission at FBCQ is reach the lost, teach believers the whole counsel of God, equip members to be ministry leaders, and to send members into Kingdom service.”

“Core Values”

 ·         We are Defined by the Grace of God in Jesus Christ –

Our lives are not defined by past glories or failures, present circumstances, not future hopes and dreams.

Our lives are defined by the grace of God which is greater than all our sin.  Church is the place where we experience forgiveness and grace from God to cleanse us from all unrighteousness as we confess our sin and renew our commitment to Jesus as our Lord

·         We are Directed by the Word of God –

Our lives are under the authority of the God’s Holy Word, the Bible.

We willingly submit our lives to the Truth of God’s Word as the only standard and authority for all our moral, ethical, and religious beliefs and practices.  

Personal agendas, emotions, circumstances, and the beliefs and practices of secular culture are never allowed to have authority over our lives in determining what we believe or how we practice our faith.

·         We are Dedicated to the Purposes of God –

We are committed to the belief that God has equipped every believer with the spiritual gifts needed to be an effective minister for His glory.

We are committed to the work of leading each of our members to be personally involved in the ministry of God’s Kingdom according to their spiritual giftedness.


To Read our revised Constitution click here Constitution Draft 020515